Hand Painted Lovers Portrait Pencil Drawing From Photo

This customized Hand Painted Lovers Pencil Drawing is ordered as an amazing gift for his lover.For this lovers portrait pencil drawing,please refer to more pencil drawing details to evaluate the quality.

Custom portrait pencil drawings to sell,as a gift or hung in your family room.

Making your memories into arts to decorate your life.

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Size 40 x 50 cm
Quality Museum
Processing Time Around 3-7 working days, depends on your order quantity.
Material Pencil/Sketching Paper
Stretch Bar or Frame Unframed,Pencil Drawing Only
Appliance For gift/house decorating/hotels/restaurants/art exhibition/art gallery selling
Pencil Drawing from Custom Oil Painting Arts are 100% hand-painted directly in our arts studio,no middle men,so you can save a lot for buying from us and excellent quality are guaranteed.Any people or pets pencil drawings are available to order.

We also offer custom oil paintings,photo to paintings,famous oil painting reproductions and new style paintings service.




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