Mona Lisa

Oil painting of the Mona Lisa is a prestigious portrait masterpiece.It represents the highest artistic achievement of leonardo Da Vinci.Character in the painting posture elegant, subtle smile, background and deep boundless, incisively and vividly played a painter that strange mist “unbounded gradient coloring method” of brushwork.Artist sought to enrich the character’s inner feelings and the appearance of beautiful clever union, for human face in the corner of his lips etc. The key part of express feelings, also emphatically grasp accurately and implicative dialectical relationship in particular, to charm, so that the Mona Lisa’s smile is a kind of “mysterious smile”.

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Custom Mona Lisa art reproduction to sell,as a gift or hung in your family room.

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Original Size 53 x 77 cm
Created Time 1503-1505
Quality Museum
Processing Time Around 4-25 working days, depends on your order quantity.
Material Polyester /Linen canvas/Cotton canvas
Oil paints/Arcylic
Stretch Bar or Frame Unframed,Paintings Only
Appliance For gift/house decorating/hotels/restaurants/art exhibition/art gallery selling
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