Art from Life

18Feb 2016
Lifelike Birds Oil Painting Wall Art

Lifelike Birds Oil Painting Wall Art Jane Kim,who is from San Francisco,is a biological sciences illustrations interns at Cornell ornithology lab.One day, the boss asked her to recommend a dream project: 12.2 m * 21.3 m on the metope of hand-painted all modern birds.After 16 months of hard work, Jane completed the depiction of the world’s 243 […]

15Jan 2016

Below are some old precious photos.These photos look so familiar and we can learn many stories behind the photos.Let’s enjoy the precious photography art moments. The queen of England at the age of 18 In 1958, Audrey Hepburn shopping in Beverly Hills with her pet deer In 1950,soldier and lover’s ” kiss goodbye” In 1931,little girl dry the cats in […]

24Dec 2015
Patched artwork from life

Joe Webb is a graduate student of  journalism.He often finds various conflicting things in the same newspaypers or magazines.So he often thinks.What kind of world we live in, the existence to other space people live at the same time, can give us what kind of enlightenment.So he cut down all kinds of pictures from various kinds of paper media,and finished his […]