New Mosque in Istanbul

As long as you have seen Turkey rough man Aydin B y kta’s photography, you wouldn’t think he is a photographer, but a magician who plays magic with a video camera.For him, the magic assistant is the world.Come on, give you look at the last day —

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

A place-similar pronunciation like basibuyuk

Dwelling Houses in Demirciler


Turkey’s National Stadium

Use a four axis vehicle camera, some quite intelligent image processing techniques, 44-year-old, Aydin easily overturned Turkey’s surface.Whether highway, stadium, or the market, all daily scene into the scene in the fantasy.Aydin said the photos made him feel like “in a dream”, specifically, is the kind of dream you can fly.


Sultan Ahmet Square

Maybe you immediately think that some of the special effects, but inspired Aydin (according to his own) is 1884 years of British science fiction 《plane》.Since he masters some necessary skills, he can’t resist the temptation to create a world.

《Inception》Movie Scene

Sali Pazari

“I believe that anyone who read science fiction, science fiction movies are really want to create a surreal world of their own, even if it is only exist in the imagination.”

Maltepe Stadium

In 2015, when he starts with the first four axis machine, Aydin started trying to changing the points of view in the air to make the fantasy 3D effect.Now he is no longer to keep the way as a little secret: After selecting location, Aydin will select several carefully calculated shooting points in the program of aircraft ,and then release it.

Kurba al dere Kadikoy

After getting several hundreds of photos of the same scene, Aydin is working at his desk for a few days time, using PS to piece photos together and try to get rid of the seam.Each photography often spends him 1 week time.

New Mosque in Istanbul

Obviously these photos can let a person moment to secrete a large number of adrenal hormones, especially when you are in my mind over the 561-year-old Grand Bazaar in Istanbul market, or the 350-year -old new Mosque.

The Skateboard Playground


Galata Koprusu


A Bus Station in Istanbul

Aydin is planning to go abroad, such photographs taken all over the world, the preferred countries including Germany, Britain, China and the United States.“Whether where people live, you usually won’t see my way to work. To me, my role is to show you the view of the daily habits in a different dimension.”

Outstanding photographs arts,Adyin uses a tool that we usually see or use to create his own brand new world.

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