Photo Selection for Custom Oil Painting

> What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?

Please email us the photo first,we can then give you advise on the photo and let you know if it is suitable to paint.

> What file format should my photo be?

The preferred file types for receiving your photos are .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff. We suggest sending the highest resolution and quality photo available,it will be much helpful for our artist to paint a excellent artwork for you.

> Which photos can I use for my painting?

Any photos can be into your custom painting,if it’s clearly to see the details of your photo.

Photo Editing

> Can I make special requests for the photo editing?

Yes, we can edit with your original photos: we can combine figures or anything you like from different photos into one image, change the background, eliminate or add figures and objects, create color images from black and white photos and even fix damaged or old photos.


> Can I custom a painting as a gift?

Yes,of course,we offer custom oil painting service for each customer,any photos can be customized into oil painting, as a gift,home decor etc.

> Can I custom a background for my painting?

Yes, of course you can! You can show us the background color or photo for your custom painting, we can paint mixing with your painting at free cost.

> On your website, it shows the size as 16×20″,but I would like a 20×16″. What should I do?

When it writes 16×20″ on our website,we refer both to 16×20″ and 20×16″. If you send us a horizontal photo, the painting you’ll receive will be horizontal. If you send a vertical photo, it will be vertical. If you prefer your vertical photo to be horizontally or the other way round, please inform us about it during the order process,we shall be pleased to change style for you.

Prices and Payments

> How much do the paintings cost?

For painting prices, please refer to the prices with each painting in our Art Gallery. If you are a painting wholesaler or distributor, you can refer to the painting wholesaler page.

> What methods of payment do you accept?

Please refer to the payment methods page.

> Which currencies do you accept?

We accept US Dollars(U.S.$), Euros(€), British Pounds(£), Australian Dollars($A) and Canadian Dollars(   Can.$).


> What is the shipping time?

The shipping time depends on three factors:

1.) Quantity of order

2.) The sizes of the paintings

3.) The shipping options choosing

*We will confirm your shipping time according to your order.

> How will my order be packaged?

Rolled in an hard tube(small painting order) or rolled with an hard tube with bubbles.

> To which countries do you ship and how much does it cost?

Paintings can be shipped to countries all over the world,and please refer to the shipping page.

General Questions

>What kind of artwork are you offering?

We are offering custom oil paintings,famous painting reproductions,photos to paintings,new style paintings etc.We can paint whatever you want.

> Are the paintings from your website handmade?

Yes. We have more than 50 most experienced artists who are creating the paintings. All artwork are 100% hand-painted.

> Can I preview my order before receiving it?

Yes. We will send you finished photo for your previewing when the painting is ready. Only after your approval is the painting shipped to you.

> What’s the status of my order?

We will update the status of your order and send you with email.

> Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?

Any custom size can be painted,and we will offer you the right price for your custom size.

> I would like to have some changes to my painting order. How can I do this?

If the paintings are chosen from our Art Gallery,please login your account and make the changes in shopping cart.If paintings are from your own photos,please just tell us by email.

> When should that happen?

Please allow 3-5 days from the day you confirmed your order until we ship it and send you the shipping notification email. We need to make sure that the painting is dry enough before we can ship it.

> Is my private information protected?

Yes it is. Please refer to all the information on privacy policy page.

> What’s your return policy?

For our return & exchange policy, please refer to the information here.


For any other questions ,please feel free to contact us.